Catapult Clash - A team builder where you have to build a catapult with bamboo!

Catapult Clash Vietnam

Program Outline

In this team building game you will have the task to build a real size catapult using bamboo. From a set of 4 different models, your team will have to decide which one to construct: do you prefer a simple easel, a stable structure or is speed more important?
But to setup a catapult is not your only task! Choose between Catapult Volleyball or Catapult Bowling – and compete against your colleagues.
On Catapult Volleyball wins the team that strikes the other catapults.
On Catapult Bowling two circles are drawn on the floor with pins, points being given according to how many pins are knocked out.


clock white-01 2 – 3 hours
location-01-01  Outdoors
outcome-01 Team Building
users minimum white-01 Minimum: 15 persons
users maximum white-01 Maximum: 120 persons


Key Business Benefits


Achievement-icon-01 100% Participation

Achievement-icon-01 Fun & Motivation

Achievement-icon-01 Interaction

Achievement-icon-01 Team Energy

Achievement-icon-01 Team Building

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