Drumming Team Builder

Working together in perfect harmony in this drums game!
Drumming Team Builder Vietnam

Program Outline

Perfect for when you want high-energy, motivation and 100% participation in a conference, workshop or any corporate event – this team builder is highly engaging.
This drum game is performed without saying a single word but will guarantee a high-energy performance.
Delegates will be surprised by a drum in their seats inviting them to start playing. Then, our team will take the individual contributions and mould them into one piece of music leading everyone on an unforgettable musical journey, where fun, laughter and teamwork is achieved in a high energy interactive performance.


clock white-01 45 min – 1 hour
location-01-01  Indoors/Outdoors
outcome-01 Team Builder / Drum Games
users minimum white-01 Minimum: 10 persons
users maximum white-01 Maximum: 5,000 persons

Key Business Benefits

Achievement-icon-01 100% participation

Achievement-icon-01 Team energy

Achievement-icon-01 Team builder

Achievement-icon-01 Interaction

Achievement-icon-01 Fun & Motivation

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