Corporate Social Responsibility Vietnam

Have fun while helping others. Corporate Social Responsibility Vietnam the best CRS program.
Bikes for Kids - CSR - Vietnam

Bikes for Kids

Building a sense of teamwork while contributing to a social cause? What better way to unite and motivate different individuals to work towards a common goal?The unforgettable feeling of receiving a brand-new bicycle will be a priceless gift to underprivileged children and you will make all this joy possible with this corporate social responsibility activity.

 Significon-Time-5122 From 3 to 4 hours
 From 32 to 300 persons

Toy Makers - Charity Events - Vietnam

Toy Makers

Imagine an activity where everyone wins. In this charity event teams will have to pass several challenges in order to collect tools and toy parts.
It may sound like a big challenge, but when you find out these toys will be given to children, your motivation and inspiration will flow.

Significon-Time-5122 From 2 to 3 hours
 From 10 to 120 persons

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